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Default "Jews run the world" is a False Flag

The idea that "The Jews" collectively have been conspiring through the ages to take over the world is a massive false flag perpetrated by the elites themselves as a diversion to greater truths and in an attempt to socially condition elements of the population who will lead a pseudo counter movement.

This false flag has many motives.

1. To hide and shield the true operatives and objectives behind the conspiracy, and create a convenient scapegoat.

2. To create extreme nationalism amongst Jews themselves in order to further Zionism.

3. To create and enforce the false narrative that Jews are a race, again to further Zionism, and also to further Fascism.

4. To absolve the revived Roman empire (Anglo American establismement) of wrongdoing, and make the New Roman empire THE GOOD GUY, once they have broken free of "Jewish usurpation". Thus all the crimes of the New Rome will be pinned on the "Jewish infiltrators".

What is important to understand is that many of the Jews in positions of power are willingly assisting in this false flag. They enjoy the benefits today of doing so, while others are probably seeing the writing on the wall, that soon they will be scapegoated.

The vast majority of people who have told us the "Jewish Conspiracy" myths of Jews trying to control the world, ARE FROM THE VERY ELITE CIRCLES we should not be trusting.

A major source of the "Jewish false flag" is the "Protocols of Zion"

Now what is written in the Protocols appears to be an accurate reflection of what is taking place in today's world, however the false flag is to blame these machinations on Jews.

The Protocols of Zion were first published in 1903 by a Russian ultranationalist named Pavel Krushevan who was a member of the Black Hundreds which was a far right pro monarchy, anti democratic, anti-semetic, advocacy group which was involved in acts of terror and ethnic encitement. They strongly opposed democratic reforms because they were made up of the aristocratic and bourgoise class represented by the landowners etc. They opposed the 1905 revolution.

It is important to note that Tzar Nicholas II of the Romanov family was cousin of George the 5th of England whose father Edward the 7th was the Grandmaster of Freemasonry.

So the "Protocols of Zion" false flag was given to us by pro monarchists, anti democratic and elitist forces who wished for power to remain consolidated within a tiny group of hands. Basically those trying to supress revolution. They also used the "church" as their propaganda tool as the controllers in the United States today also do. We will also see that the far right Christian elite organizations also today promote the "Jewish takeover myth".

It is a common theme for the far right to use God and the Church, or so called "Western values" as a way to mobilize the masses to support their anti democratic suppression of political and economic change.

We must look at the "Black Hundreds" who gave us the "protocols of zion" as a sort of John Birch Society organization in Russia. Remember the JBS through Revilo Oliver tried to convince Americans that the Communists were responsible for killing JFK.

The JBS and Black Hundreds are very similar.

They both opposed progressive politics.
They both defend the oligarchs and their control of wealth.
They both opposed communism and revolution which was a threat to their control of wealth.
They both opposed equality.
They both created and spread fear of false conspiracys of Communist subversion of Western Society.
They both cynically used the church to promote their agenda.

With both the JBS and the Black Hundreds we see a coming together of

military intelligence, oligarchs, radical Christians, the business class.

The JBS gave us conspiracy theories about "Communists trying to take over the world" in order to shield the long entrenched Anglo American network of oligarchs, secret societies, and intelligence networks.

The Black Hundreds who were financially and politically backed by the Tzars gave us the "Protocols" myth in order to help suppress and fight against the growing revolutionary spirit in Russia.

One member of the Black Hundreds, Boris Brasol emigrated to the US and became friends with industrialist Henry Ford who was a 33 degree Freemason and the author of "The international Jew" another source of the "Jewish conspiracy false flag". Brasol helped publish the first edition of the Protocols in America.

Of course Henry Ford went on to influence Adolph Hitler who was backed and supported by pretty much all the major ameican corporate chiefs. He was backed by the freemasonic Thule society and Madame Blavatskys Theosophy society. Many of the British royal family supported Hitler and the Nazi's.

Hitler also promoted the ideas of Jews controlling the world and trying to subvert "Western culture" Again this is simply a defence and shielding of international finance and corporations, which is much larger than a few jews in key positions. Hitler was an admirer of the British empire and American eugenicist programs.

We will look at others who are promoting this false flag.

It is important to note that there are many powerful and influential Jews involved in the conspiracy, but to come to the conclusion that "jews control, or are attempting to control the world" is innacurate and is a false flag given to us by the controllers themselves in order to absolve the New Roman empire (Anglo American establishment") of any wrongdoings and attempt to position the New Roman Empire as the protagonists on the world stage. We are seeing the beginnings of this with Donald Trump, who himself is a closet Nazi supporter.

But the Nazis and the Zionists are also one and the same. The Rabbit hole goes very deep.

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