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Originally Posted by lottie View Post
Has anyone seen this? It's hilarious (and catchy!!) I love it!! LOL!!! Makes me giggle!!

Very clever! I'll have to write a new verse about Mini Black Holes and strange quarks!

It will go something along the lines of:

And after all that rest of our work is complete
We'll discover about the few things that have slipped under our feet.
Mini black holes cluster down in the Earth
At the core of the planet they go and give borth
To a greedy, gobbling monster that no one can stop
That eats up and feeds on our homeworld's rock cold and hot.

And then there's the strange quarks, and real strange they are
They start a chain reaction and spreads really far
Converting ever single atom in this planets makeup
Until all that's left's a Quark Star just a bland ball of stuff.
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