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Originally Posted by manmade View Post
What I mean is the two theories you described are nonsense. The first one is the idea of Duality whereby everything has a polar opposite, so if I do something good then something bad must happen to balance out the universe. Like I mentioned in another post, it sounds like Newtons Laws of Motion doused in new-age dogma. Besides, there is middle, in between, medium, warm, half-way, half-asleep, transexual etc...

The second theory you mentioned, the Law of Attraction, is nonsense because we don't attract things we create things.
Yeah, Im in agreeance here but I would question the second part on Law of attraction, you need only look around to see the acceptance of the "usery" system to see we have fallen for the law of attraction. Half the world is now in randsom to the worship of money and greed.

We bought the greed.
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