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Exclamation Help You B More E

Maybe we could put plain packaging on those chimneys and Vehicull X-hausts..
Originally Posted by christ4life View Post
Yeah I'm an 80's kid all the way. To bad it was the last I'll ever hear of good music...

Still a lorra good tunes around though mi thinks... Chief answered 7 years ago..Those magnificent men in their flying machines,they go up tiddly up up,they go down tiddly down down..They enchant all the ladies and steal all the scenes,with their up tiddly up upand their down tiddly down down.Up, down, flying around,looping the loop and defying the ground..They're all frightfully keen,those magnificent men in their flying machines..They can fly upside with their feet in the air,They don’t think of danger, they really Just don’t care...

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