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Nurse Morgan.."Let's talk, you and I.. Let's talk about fear".. In one final, desperate attempt to save their marriage, Burt and Vicky, a bickering couple, are driving to California for vacation. As they drive through rural Nebraska, they accidentally run over a young boy who ran into the road. Upon examination of the body, Burt discovers the boy's throat had been slit and he was bleeding to death before he was hit. After opening the boy's suitcase, they find a strange-looking crucifix made of twisted corn husks. Knowing they will have to report this to the authorities, they place the body in their car's trunk. After arguing over where to take the body, Burt decides to go to Gatlin, a small, isolated community which is right down the road. Vicky wants to take the body to Grand Island (which is 70 miles away), but Burt argues that it would not be a good idea to take the body so far away..Oh! Don't hold back on me doc, give it to me Straight!..
March 1 - Landsat 5 & ham satellite Oscar 11 launched into polar orbit- Labour MP TBenne is returned to parliament after winning the Chesterfield by-election - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR #3931 Batten, #4529 Webern, #4530 Smoluchowski, #4818 Elgar, #5502 Brashear & #5943 Lovi\2 — 5 months with 41% of the vote Just over 6 months ago 16-point lead/ 3 - NY Islanders score their most goals\5 – Iran accuses Iraq of using chemical weapons/7- US attacks San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua\14— Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams and 3 others are seriously injured in a Gun attack by the UVF/16-Buckley was close to a gibbering wretch. His words were often incoherent; he slobbered and drooled and, most unnerving of all, he would suddenly scream in terror, his eyes rolling helplessly and his body shaking. ... The CIA consensus was that he would be blindfolded and chained at the ankles and wrists and kept in a cell little bigger than a coffin\19- "Kate & Allie" premieres/21 - Soviet sub crashes into USS aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk off Japan\22 – Teachers at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California are charged with Satanic ritual abuse of the school children; the charges are later dropped as completely unfounded/23 — Murder of H.Murrell, Rose grower and Anti-nuclear campaigner..She was abducted and found murdered 5 miles from her home in Shropshire, in a case which remains controversial..She was cremated, nearly 5 months after her death, at Shrewsbury Crematorium and her ashes scattered at Maengwynedd, in Wales..In March 2012, Michael Mansfield QC called for an inquiry into what MI5 knew about the case..The 2 would have had no problem finding a dead rabbit, let alone the body .. 'A Thorn in Their Side', with a new penultimate chapter covering developments since the first NZ – General Rahimuddin Khan becomes the first man in Pakistan's history to rule over 2 of its provinces\25-Pope John Paul II consecrates the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in Fatima, Portugal-Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE) is founded/27 — Starlight XP-ress opens at Apollo Victoria Theatre in London\28 — A - GreenField site at Washington, near Sunderland, is confirmed as the location for the new Nissan car factory- USSR performs nuclear test /30 - US ends participation in multinational Lebanon peace force\31 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site-Penthouse magazine began publication in 1965 in England and in North America in 1969, an attempt to compete with Hugh Hefner's Playboy.. Teddy Bear...

Charles Boone, in a series of letters addressed to an acquaintance nicknamed "Bones", describes the arrival of himself and his manservant, Calvin McCann, at Chapelwaite, the neglected ancestral home of Charles's estranged late cousin, Stephen. While running errands, Calvin finds that many people in the nearby town of Preacher's Corners think them mad living in the mansion. The house is said to be "a bad house", with a history of sad events, disappearances, and mysterious noises which Charles attributes to "rats in the walls". Not long after their arrival, Calvin finds a hidden compartment in the library. It contains an old map of a nearby deserted village called Jerusalem's Lot, a mysterious area the townsfolk avoid. Their curiosity piqued, Charles and Calvin set out to explore the village the next day..Ears of corn are steamed or boiled, usually without their green husks, or roasted with them. The husk leaves are in any case removed before serving... on, Sara, calling on Hilda is definitely a thing to do.. Look Jimbolove, first rule of love.. never Get rejected by the same girl T-wice, I mean that's useless... If you want to make a fool out of yourself..Under extreme duress, people are capable of Extraordinary behavior.. At that moment, it was perfectly normal for her to act to protect himself...

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