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Originally Posted by ecca View Post
actually the beast is the system itself, the beast system is also the god of the old testament and the 'holy holy holy'(which works out to 666 coincidentally) of revelations, they just don't know it. the system being currency/perpetual revolution/empire/rule by priesthoods via religions and law.

it's all allegory, revelations was not written by christians, and like every other part of their holy book, for the base/uneducated people it's a real literal story, but what it's really about is the mechanisms of a system, the old testament is the rulebook.

cain and able for example, cain is an allegory for using metals, making weaponry, and using it to conquer others in war, bringing them under your rule through force. he was willing to kill others for his own gain.

able is an allegory for the true natural human way of living, tribalism and nomadic herding, as we all were prior to having been forced into the profit system of religion/economics/standing armies of the city(by the cain, and cain itself comes from the same root word as 'king' and 'con' which is the hebrew word for priest, 'kohen') able was "ABLE" to live freely and naturally

and Job, cursed by the god(the system,) was an allegory for JOBS! having to get up and go to work in the system for 12 hours a day 5 days a week, for 50+ years, get it? You've been cursed by god(god being an allegory for the system itself.)
Absolutely. The bolded are some very interesting and thought provoking interpretations; but that's what allegory and vagaries are all about.
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