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Originally Posted by musicaddict View Post
SO just to clarify, the Detailed Care Report is another thing we need to opt-out of? Do we contact the PCT directly for this or one's own GP?
My Primary Care Trust told me they were rolling out Detailed Care Records later this year. They told me I would have the right to opt out and would be informed just as I have now been informed about my right to opt out of Summary Care Records. However, some P.C.T.'s seem to have already rolled out the D.C.R. system. Each P.C.T. is rolling out the system in their own time. I wouldn't be 100% confident that every P.C.T. which has gone ahead with it will have informed all their patients accordingly. If you chose to opt out of D.C.R.'s it would indeed be through your G.P.. It would seem you have heard nothing about D.C.R.'s yet though. I would ring your P.C.T. and make sure that they haven't already rolled this out without your knowledge. Then, query when they are due to roll it out and get confirmation that you will be both able to opt out and adequately informed of your rights in good time.
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