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Question weirdness in the universe Im not the weirdo

Originally Posted by free canada View Post

Definition: Derived from a popular medieval first name, THOMAS comes from an Aramaic term for "twin." The first letter of the name was originally the Greek "theta" which accounts for the TH spelling.
my name is thomas

once I was in a Office Depot and a women and her daughter came up to me and were like "Hey what are you doing here" and I was like thinking 'what? , who are these people"?

they kept going on and were like "Hey, whats up" Both of them were looking at me and freaking out because I wasn't recognizing who they were.

they said "aren't you, (so and so)" I was like "no" ...and they just looked at me with this ghastly ghostly look on their faces and were taken a back...

they Swore to High Heaven I was someone THEY KNEW and I LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE HIM

they didn't believe me that I wasn't him

...kinda freaks me out now thinking about it
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