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Originally Posted by maahes View Post

1) Your soul cannot exist without existing within some "space". Within that space is "time".

The void is every where and every when, it is the space within which "movement" takes place in order to allow for concepts such as time to be sensed.
Wrong... as long as there is space there is time. It would take time to move from one point in space o another whether that is a quarter inch or 10 trillion light years. Time and space are always relative

An event is defined by motion. An object "moving" between reference points can be measured. We have conjured up time in order to conceptually measure motion. Time is not a dimension and doesn't exist when there is perfect stillness.
Wrong We didn't conjure up time. Time is a dimension of space... you cannot have one and not have the other, just as you cant have 3 dimensional space without height width and depth.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have one without the other. If an event takes place there is the time expired it took to transpire. There is time between evens... there is time between space in the vast NOTHINGNESS.
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