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Originally Posted by merlincove View Post
Savile had power, if he wanted someone dead then they would be bumped - people crossed him at their peril.

That is power over life & death.

As for tarnishing all masons with one brush, I have not. I've said I've not earlier. I pointed out the 1%.

You're the one insinuating I said all.

You're too busy defending the indefensible you seem to be having a problem with simple comprehension.

Not very honourable of you old chap!
Who am I defending? I havent defended Saville or any corrupt masons but have clearly stated they are in the wrong if they have carried out illegal acts and that they should be punished.

I think you confuse your beliefs with facts and then turn on people who disagree with you. As for dishonour, I think people who accuse based on belief and speculation are dishonourable.
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