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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
well that's what needs to be established through an honest and objective analysis of the data
Actually proof is required

if someone powerful visits for example a childrens home then there is a trace. Their name goes in the logbook

Jimmy saville was accused by the sun newspaper of having visited the haute de la garenne childrens school on the isle of jersey but he denied it so the newspaper then published a photo of him at the school at which point he had to concede that he had been there

As a childrens entertainer and a DJ he had access to many young people and it wasn't such a strange thing for him to be visiting places like that. He was perfectly placed to become a fixer for powerful people who need a go between to place distance between themselves and the act thereby providing them with plausible deniability. This is why saville was protected for decades while he was alive by the freemasonic higher ups in the british police who would have surely been aware of his activities as many people had approached the police about them

He had the Cross of Merit of the Order pro merito Melitensi.

See list of recipients of the Order pro merito Melitensi of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta published in the Annual Report of the British Association, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, 2010.
So why are you turning a Rpper thread into a Saville thread exactly? there is a child abuse angle in the ripper period as this was the time that the age of consent was changed from 12 to 16.


so i can only give my limited take on these issues as I'm not a professional researcher. I'm an armchair researcher who relies on a lot of secondary sources so i am aware of my limitations but my hope is that technically proficient researchers who are competent at weedling out primary source information could look into my claims and add further detail
Yet you behave as if your beliefs and opinions are the right ones.

So imo the christian reformation that created protestantism was largely a revolution carried out by the templar network across europe

If you look at the freemasons i mentioned above who were members of the quator coronati lodge some of them are reverends of the anglican church which is the kind of english version of the catholic church. It's like catholicism-lite
Personally its of no interest to me

The templars weren't a part of the catholic church as you assert. They were granted a 'rule' by the catholic church which is a kind of licence to operate but they were never christians as most people would understand christianity
They were christian monks who were trained in combat.

Christianity is in fact hated by some jewish people because it was a world religion that denied the messiahship of the jewish people who believed that they alone were gods chosen people with a special covenant
Well it could be seen as a heretical cult so no shock if they were disliked. The christians hate plenty of others in their quest to be seen as gods chosen people. Like children competing for daddy's attention really. Also, Jesus didnt fulfil the messianic prophecies, so thats why he was rejected as the messiah.

This is i suggest why people like the jewish comedian sarah silverman can be heard saying she's glad jesus was killed because his doctrine denies jewish people of their specialness. The talmud even says he should burn in excrement for all eternity
I suspect you have read the distorted, conspiracy version of the talmud. It has been thoroughly debunked but to a believer that isnt enough is it? the truth is that many ancient cultures claim to have divine lineage but the church demonised all of these cultures in their quest for absolute control.

Christianity in effect offers an open door to heaven for all believers not just jewish ones and that goes fundamentaly against the jewish idea that only jewish people are chosen
No, christianity only offer the door to people who believe in Jesus, if you take the orthodox belief. Jews dont have a tradition of going to heaven. The old testament is more about serving god than hoping to get into the christian afterlife paradise, which is basically carrot and stick to control people who had nothing in this life. Look what they say about people who dont believe. So caring and loving arent they? NOT

The templars are jewish bloodlines that some trace to the essenes who themselves had a radical plan for global domination. The essenes used a resurrection initiation through which the person was said to be 'born again' into their faith eg lazarus who was raised from spiritual death ie being outside of the essene community back into the spiritual life of their community
I guess you need to beleive that as part of your security blanket

have there been changes? Yes of course and I have spoken elsewhere on the forum about how the degrees of freemasonry have been changed. Ward lists degrees that covered the story of the 9 templars digging under temple mount

However these have been removed from modern freemasonry that was re-organised under the grand lodges

Further to this re-ordering the people i listed above who started the quator coronati lodge also removed what they claimed was myth from freemasonic lore in favour of what they called 'empirical' evidence

However lets bare in mind that their key member charles warren who headed the ripper case himself led an expedition to dig under temple mount so clearly he DID believe in the old myths of freemasonry that tie it directly to templarism

Lets also consider that their research lodge was named after 4 jewish freemasons who were part of a movement of infiltration by the jewish freemasons into the roman building guilds which i suggest led eventually to a takeover of the catholic church itself

One of the founders of the quator coronati lodge was involved in the foundation of the hermetic order of the golden dawn which some people tie to the rothschilds and to sabbateanism. Crowley was a member of the golden dawn and he certainly seemed to set out to break taboos in the spirit of the sabbatean doctrine of holiness through sin which some people around here would probably call 'archontic inversion'. The ultimate societal taboos are of course infanticide and pedophilia
Its always about jews and freemasons being the bad guys and corrupting others isnt it? your poor attempts to conceal your christian mind programming are really showing. Pity you dont adhere to Jesus' word not to judge others. The GD was built by masons who wanted to explore things that were not allowed in lodges. So what? if the lodges were all about kabbalah and magic, etc. then they wouldnt have to make a lodge for such things.

So what if some people are motivated by myths, this doesnt make those myths true. Its like the people who tried to find hidden money at the 'treasury' in Petra, based on myths. They caused a lot of damage and found no concealed stashes.

Crowleys life was a reaction to the horrid and extreme christian indoctrination by his family. He tooks drugs, wow, so what? many of the elite did then too and nowadays most people have tried them, many thinking it almost makes them shamans. Even his sex life was relatively tame compared to some people now. This is for another thread though. The same bullying and abuse at the hands of christians groups is exactly what is driving people into other spiritual paths, where they can learn and experience spiritual life without being condemned as evil heretics by their 'loving' God. Im quite sure you are all up for that though as it does seem that anybody who isnt a christian is a target for you.
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