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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
So any cover up needs to be down to freemasons? that is such a bullshit. People dont need to be part of such organisations to do evil and cover up for each other.

Freemasons are not allowed to join under the guise of gaining financial and material advantage. That is different from being helped by somebody else to better your ability at something. No different to golf buddies helping each other. If any freemason decides to ignore the rules then they are charlatans. The reality is there will always be people who will use any situation for personal advantage and there will be some masons who do, but this general tarring of all masons because of the behaviour of some is morally and ethically wrong. Also, as I have said many times, masons take obligations to uphold the law and to not help any member who is acting against the law. Thats the oath they take, whether they follow it to the letter is a matter of their personal integrity or lack of.

Whoever that Peter was, he wasnt the spokesperson for all freemasons was he. He was clearly wrong in his views. Why dont you check Peters posts and see if he was actually a UGLE mason as there are more than one UK grand lodge and they dont all see eye to eye.

I think that blaming masons for all this wrong doing is ridiculous for a number of reasons. The effort to connect Saville to the masons is purely a sleazy attempt by anti masons to defame the organisation as whole. He wasnt a mason, end of! if any masons were involved n a cover up they should be banged up and ejected from the lodge too as they would definitely be acting against the ethical code of masonry.
I agree that those people who covered up for savile & turned a blind eye should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

No argument there.

But the point I was making was that those people were very likely masons - high up in the order, perhaps far above your pays grade - the likelihood of that is certain.

He had prince Charles & Diana in his pocket, as well as Peter Sutcliffe & the thatchers, god only knows what he had on them.

And when the bobbies knocked on his door having the son of the chief of all police chiefs in your pocket, a phone call can make or break a young bobbies career.

And then he has something on the bobby, who might one day rise to become an inspector, and he can put pressure on all sorts of people to 'do things his way'

When he's bringing kiddies to the palace for the head of the SAS to fiddle with - well, as the saying goes 'who are you going to tell?'

With those kind of friends I'm sure savile could manipulate almost anyone. Masons included, because when he's manipulating one Freemason, well a lot of other Freemasons who want to get on, who want to get up the ladder will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear - its the way some folk operate whether they're masons or not.

I'm just not green enough to believe masons weren't involved in the coverup.
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