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Originally Posted by positiveevitisop View Post
Actually, balance of both the positive and the negative is what transcends the positive beyond what could have ever been achieved with positivity alone. All addictions(could be anything) stems from the imbalance of the "I want" part of the brain. "I want" can be good, but it is never good to let the "I want" take over ones thoughts or actions. The ability to turn down ones "I want" when they are right in front of what could satisfy what they want, exemplifies impressive balance and control of ones thoughts and actions.
I 'want' is positive i agree, its the i NEED that is negative concerning drugs..You dont need drugs to acheive that kind of vibration..
To resist negative temptations is surely a positive too, i do not see any need for negative in my mind to achieve a higher vibration?
You said your self you lost your fear first?

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