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Hi, I have something to say about this :luv:
first, a big thank you for opening up so true, with this intimate experience of our One Self
I feel happy to read it
would like to ask you some questions though, but of course my questions wouldn't be as positive as your description of the One
so, how did you take it when you had to get back into the dull ego? was it an easy come back?
do you see how your ego was always there throughout all of it, although you were able to bypass it a little and put it behind more so you could be One for a moment ( or you wouldn't need the witness in another body to enhance it, to validate it)?
but still, right after feeling the bliss of One, you still made comparisons between you and "the others" (that's our lovely ego who does that)
when did you feel like recording the whole thing, while it was happening or afterwards?
as your "I" was still the witness through some of that, the big question is "who am I behind all this?"
I don't do drugs and I don't want to advise you to do this because it could be unsafe, but hypotetically how interesting would it be to repeat the whole thing all alone, letting it be without blocking it and with no fear just like you said above, and use the chance to investigate the witness, the One "I" behing all that?
this is what we do on the awakening thread, inquiry into the nature of "I", one belief at a time but without the drugs
as I see it and this is only my opinion, drugs are great for the mature seekers who are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages
gee, I've seen kids doing drugs being God like on it but utterly devastaded and confused when they had to come down
so, anyway, you know what you're doing as you choose all love and no fear with it
so no sermons
after we get the insight we wanted with the help of drugs, gurus, music, techniques, etc. the way to Be One is to go it alone, with no props
only then it is genuine and doesn't go up and down :*
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