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I think there's a misconception or a misunderstanding within the independent/alternative media that believes that most of the population (who don't seem to think for themselves) are totally brainwashed and gullible and believe everything that the MSM and the government tells them. This is untrue, because alot of people (deep down) have never really taken anything that the MSM says as 100% fact. An example of this can be found with areas like the recession. Just get into a conversation with anyone about the financial crash and you may hear them say "hey, so much for the credit crunch..what credit crunch?". I often get puzzled when I hear comments like that, because these are people who believe there's no financial crises (no jobs losses, etc, etc), everything seems to be going well, yet Icke et al are constantly on about people living in tent cities, people losing their homes en masse like never before, job cuts, etc. Who's right and who's wrong?.

Talk about things like the invasion of Iraq and you'll find alot of ordinary people (if you gently probe em for further information) will say and agree with you that they think the excuse of weapons of mass destruction was just a lie and used as an excuse to get the oil; OK, going into areas like taking over countries, etc, won't quite inter their minds, but still, the general distrust in anything that the govt/media says is very much in their minds. Even years ago, you would always get someone who would say to you, "oh, don't believe everything you read in the newspapers". Alot of people don't trust the MSM, but the reason why they seem to go along with it is because they've got no other choice. Laws get passed everyday, which get filtered down into the local councils and communities (just smaller versions of the puppet politicians imo), and people have to abide by them or fear the repercussions and consequences.

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