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I listened to Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars a few years ago. It cemented a lot of thoughts I had previously. IMO the biggest weapon is media. Through media, Governments and the ruling elite manipulate the populations. It really is problem, reaction, solution.

An example is false flags. Not only do they instill FEAR in the population, the resulting conflicts make billions for the mafia cabal which rule this world.

Last November after the Paris attacks which the media were reporting 24/7, the British Government announced they would recruit 1,000 more people for the spy agency GCHQ. The media made big announcements. Most people think, oh good we are safe! I'm sure these new recruits will be trained to spy on you and I, because we are more of a threat to Government than perceived terrorists.

There will be some people who want to do harm, but who created the "war on terror?".

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