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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
Control is multi faceted, schooling is only one part of their control system.

Those who are aware from an early age tend to go their own way or are snapped up and removed from the run of the norm schooling and given Rhodes schollarships and the ilk.

The ones who are not glued to the bread and circuses are normally gifted with hand skills, and are active in fending for themselves, because in a world that is basically destroyed, and lets face it, its not worth saving. This the elite know will happen again and again, because they see to it that it does end up this way.

We have been taught not to be able to cope with more than one problem at a time, some can handle two at once and few three problems, this the elite know and know how to manipulate.

At the end of the day, we cannot save everyone from what is the cultured normal, only those who are actively seeking those who want to help themselves, doing things any other way often ends in stalemate or worse for those who stick their heads above the parapit.
I don't get you, you're not making sense. Why do some people on here talk in this "it's no good..we have been conditioned not to think for ourselves..." type of language, as though I'm listening to a spiritual healer?; I wish people would talk in a straight forward manner that makes sense without this "I'm awakened" jibberish, no wonder the rest of the population will never touch the alternative media, they think all we do is meditate in an empty room all day wearing our tin foil hats. At the end of the day nobody thinks there is anything wrong with the way our society is run; yes lots of people hate the government because of XY and Z, but as far as things like education go, people think the current system is fantastic and much better than what it used to be. If it wasn't, then a whole lot of people would be raising their concerns about it.
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