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Originally Posted by elpressiedente View Post
How the fuck would anyone know,

Did they grind the seeds? Did they process them in anyway. Did they just extract the active ingredient? Did they 'oxidise' after preparation...
Lots of ways for the PISS reviewed dumbarses to rig the results.

My father was diagnosed with throat cancer, he bought apricots and saved the seeds and ate a handfull a day until the next appointment where surgery was to be scheduled. It was cancelled and dont give me that spontaneous remission crap dumbcritic.
I destroyed dumbcritic for years in the Rick Simpson oil thread. He knows for a fact he is spouting propaganda. He has no understanding of science despite the sciencey things he is always spamming. Proof is in the thread. It was so EASY. He is stubborn so I had to counter his lies over and over till he finally bit it for good but all that took is a little tenacity.

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