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Originally Posted by billybleach View Post
Heard good things about these guys, if your on FaceAche/Book, there is actually some really good groups on self-build campervans and offgrid living. Quite a few good groups on off-grid living in UK and Europe as well as "van-Life"
Thanks will def check it out

Well I got Merlin...he is AWESOME

Kitted him out and he looks soooo fab inside, hes like a 21st century shamans tent...on wheels

Putting notice in on my house, and at first I thought one cat was gunna be ok in no. But I had wondered if the guy few doors down on lane who lost his cat would take mine in, and I find out today hes looking for two hopefully he will take my psycho cat in too (she looks sooo cute and funny so she will charm him...before the bitch comes out lol) But wouldnt that be amazing they get to stay on same street with some cool peeps

Anyhoo...I threw all my shit in and off I went into the forest....bit eek but just settling down and locked car. All good...until I moved. Then it was flashing indicators and beeping because it has interior motion sensors

So Im in the middle of fucking nowhere with a vorsprung durch technik lightshow in a forest.....fuck sake. So I had to go home. Quick google and sorted that (two clicks of the fob and sorted) and headed off again next day by the beach. Felt so safe and private because he has blacked out windows and just looks like a middle class estate. Nothing to see here Nice kip as sun went down over sea, no bother. Went to beach car park and had morning chill out before a surf. Stunning. Its like a lil glass cocoon. Fab! Mattress shite though so ordered new one.

I took him next night to top of moors where it has its own weather climate. It was stormy and the rain was pelting car, and wind was rocking car but despite being in leggings and a tshirt in a couple of blanket, I was warm. Condensation sucks so cant wait for the wind deflectors to arrive (can crack windows open without rain getting in and cant tell windows are open)

Been in forest today. Gunna hand notice in tomorrow and then its the drudge of sorting my shit out. Caint say Im looking forward to that...

But all in all...good Dead chuffed xxx
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