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Originally Posted by truepositive View Post
Interesting and thanks alot for posting. Going to be looking at the links to diabetes since its in this category and all pateogenesis descriptions are still basically saying 'if its not genetic, it could be thousands of other things'. Which is a fancy way of stating they dont know shit and/or are looking at the problem from a viewpoint that is not working out at all so far.
I would like some opinions on this by the way, might open a separated thread for it later:

Basically the concept that directed frequency devices could get us rid of all kids of microbes and disruptive nasties in the system interfering with whatever organ(s) are causing us problems.. The website in general seems worth investigating too.

"They don't know shit" hits the nail on the head!
I would also add, they have no wish to know shit.
Curing health problems is not what they are about. far from it. It's not even on the radar.
Lining pockets, YES - Making health problems worse? OH YES - that's a nice little earner!

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