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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
Of course. It's called jamming. (Adding an out-of-phase signal would be impossible as the phases are changing as the signals bounce around.)

But jamming has been well established for the best part of a century. It's even been done to uplinks of satellite TV during the second Gulf War - and at other times the public aren't aware of. The Soviets and Eastern Bloc did it aggressively on HF to attempt to jam Western propaganda. (We didn't jam theirs by the way. Everyone was free to hear it and make up their own minds. Anyone with a short-wave radio could listen, and still can.)

Since E band can only provide very local cell coverage (due to those inconvenient laws of physics), jamming it has the same localised problems. But if you're frightened of the biological effects of E-band signals, adding to them by jamming is completely counter productive! And if anyone was successful, do you think the authorities would just look the other way? Me neither.
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