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Smart Cities: The Latest Big Tech Boondoggle Includes Health, Privacy, and Security Risks. This Ain’t Rock-n-Roll…
April 29, 2018
By B.N. Frank

Are your elected officials and business leaders gushing about how becoming a “Smart City” would be super cool for residents and great for the local economy?

Becoming a “Smart City” requires ignoring “The Precautionary Principle.”

It requires that hundreds of small cell towers will be installed everywhere including in front of homes, public rights of ways, historic districts.

These towers may be 4G and/or 5G technology. Dr. Oz featured a segment about 5G small cell towers on his February 9, 2018 show. He seemed very concerned about health effects from exposure. Many around the world are as well.

Decades of research has already proven that cell towers emit harmful microwave radiation. In 2017, 180 scientists and doctors demanded a moratorium on the installation of 5G small cell tower infrastructure because of health effects.

For many years already, firefighters have fought cell towers being installed on station property due to health research and concerns. In California, firefighters have an ordinance that exempts them from wireless infrastructure on their property.

These 4G and 5G small cell towers will also reduce property value – even when they are hidden in pretty light posts. Most people don’t want to live near cell towers, even when they aren’t 100% certain they will cause health issues.

“Smart Cities” are designed to invade privacy and create cyber security risks à la “The Internet of Things (IoT).”

There’s more:

1 No “safe” level of cell phone or wireless (WiFi) radiation has yet to be scientifically determined for children or pregnant women
2 These additional small cell towers will increase the amount of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) in communities.
3 An 2010 NBC article reported that 1 in 3 Are Sensitive To WiFi and Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) and 3% are HyperSensitive.
4 Research has confirmed that exposure cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation along with Electromagnetic Fields has a cumulative toxic effect when combined with other toxins.
5 Research has determined that cell phone and WiFi radiation can disrupt the blood-brain barrier which may cause it to leak.
6 Research has determined that exposure to cell phone and wireless (WiFi) radiation can worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them.
7 Some scientists insist that all sources of Wireless WiFi Radiation be classified as “Carcinogenic” instead of “Possibly Carcinogenic.”

Does any of this sound super cool or good for the local economy?
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