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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
MKU, It isn't tinnitis or caffein.
If I walk out of the house, I cannot hear any noise.
It isn't electric either because I have switched off my electric from the main and my neighbours but the noise continued when I come indoors.

I have received a possible solution from another member so will try it and see if it blocks it. re: faraday cage basically.
A Faraday cage used for protection against what is present today is a myth in the respect that the type of sheeting you use is frequency specific. So many other bandwidths will still be able to get into your home. You would need multiple layers to stop at least some of the frequencies in use. In that respect, one sheet is designed for a small branch of frequencies. Sorry if that dis-heartens you but you might as well line your walls with lead. (Please don't try the latter as lead is highly poisonous.)

Perhaps its some kind of sound resonance coming from pipes in your heating system or something external that is being used in a way it can be felt in your home. You be surprised how something that emits a low frequency, such as an engine nearby can resonant with the frequency resonance of the home walls or things inside the home. Always rule out the explainable first.
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