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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
You are the one that has problems preventing alcholism crumbling down civilizations.... neither TVP nor any other ideology has that problem... period.
No, i would continue more or less what we have now, you and TVP would allow people unlimited access to it, which is incredibly irresponsible.

It all depends on you; you would be the one responsible; no big brother telling you what to do...
But i would need to know what i could achieve and what tools i'd have at my dispersal to do so. If people were free to ignore society because everything is given to them on a plate, the incentive to help those who wana do good isn't there - potential chaos.

Everyone I know has an education without falling in alcoholism...
Good, but everyone in society isn't like those you know, have a look around.

They just have to change all that crap for relevant subjects, so that people don't believe their are meant to be hateful, greedy, selfish and competitive with each other.
So you wana dictate how people think, believe and act. You're showing signs of elitism.

You will have to learn how to guide yourself... and I know this sounds impossible right now; but the rest of people will help you get through.
I don't want to be guided by fascists.

Your punishment would be giving you responsibilities... I know that hurts, but you'll get over it when you grow up and realise there are better things in life than being an alcoholic.
I havn't had a drink of alcohol for 11 days, and then i chucked half the bottle away down the sink. Im very responsible, you're very ignorant.

you people are really messed up; and I reckon you just have the leaders you deserver. Why put that burden on the rest of us?
'you people', do you realise how ignorant that comment is?

Great, you have an idea how people can live their lives, brilliant, but stop trying to dictate it to everyone, not everyone wants to live your way, David Icke would agree with me on that.
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