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Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
Its not my problem, im not the one suggesting i live by TVP code of conduct.
You're trying to suggest, that if people don't like an aspect of TVP, that its tuff on their part, how on earth are you going to get people interested with such an igtnorant belief structure?
You are the one that has problems preventing alcholism crumbling down civilizations.... neither TVP nor any other ideology has that problem... period.

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
Will i be alone in doing so?
Will enough people join me?
Is the problem too much to cope with?
Would i be better off moving from that area?
It all depends on you; you would be the one responsible; no big brother telling you what to do... could you cope with being a responsible adult?

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
Would drinking a beer help take my mind off the nighmare put infront of me?
Nightmares are just in your mind; it is you who thinks TVP will either crumbled by alcoholism or alcohol will be prohibited... that's you own personal paranoia; nothing more.

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
My oh my, another few years and you'll be incharge of your own North Korea.
This shows how confused you are...

What are you fears about TVP: the love, or the North Korean dictatorship?... can't be both...

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
How will you educate people successfully not to take advantage of unlimited 24 hour alcohol consumption?
Can you imagine victims of alcohol abuse being told of TVP, or victims of reckless joy riders being given unlimited access to sports cars.
Everyone I know has an education without falling in alcoholism... I'm sorry you couldn't make it that far.

They just have to change all that crap for relevant subjects, so that people don't believe their are meant to be hateful, greedy, selfish and competitive with each other.

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
Will the state controlling VP guide me? Whats the punishment for forgetting twice?
You will have to learn how to guide yourself... and I know this sounds impossible right now; but the rest of people will help you get through.

Your punishment would be giving you responsibilities... I know that hurts, but you'll get over it when you grow up and realise there are better things in life than being an alcoholic.

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
Better to be zombiefied? Thoughtless? Without independence? - 1984.
Nothing wrong with self controlled drunkeness. David likes a few beers.
Greed is great when its achieved fairly.
Can't think why selfishness is anygood.
Hating someone who's about to knife you might help you defend against it.
Ive lost the plot, all i want is a few beers, to smile about the beautiful independent thoughts in my mind that don't encourage selfishness, that i can share with others, except for those who hate me and sing Kumbya me Lord looking over a burning fire in the woods. Oh and i'd like a marsh mellow too, yummy.
Yeah... becuase those who don't hate, who aren't greedy or selfish must be zombies... you people are really messed up; and I reckon you just have the leaders you deserver. Why put that burden on the rest of us?

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