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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
But I just told you twice; it's you who has a problem finding a solution to that problem, not the VP... what argument is not full proof?
Its not my problem, im not the one suggesting i live by TVP code of conduct.
You're trying to suggest, that if people don't like an aspect of TVP, that its tuff on their part, how on earth are you going to get people interested with such an igtnorant belief structure?

Would you act to prevent your community turning into a shithole if it was your collective responsibility, or would you sit down and have a beer?
Will i be alone in doing so?
Will enough people join me?
Is the problem too much to cope with?
Would i be better off moving from that area?

Would drinking a beer help take my mind off the nighmare put infront of me?

I have no idea what you are talking about; most people here are given wine at lunch since they are kids, everyone has access to cheap alcohol (you can even buy it on every coffeeshop), 20% of the active population is unemployed, and I'm still to see the first alcholic in the 2 years I've been here.
Bubbled existence anyone?

But can't you see that every single civilization and even every community has it's own rules that everyone follows without being impossed by force. I mean, we live in a fricking police state and you are worried about your neighbours in the VP telling you nicely what to do (for your own good).... can't you see your fears are ilogical (which is actually called a phobia).
My oh my, another few years and you'll be incharge of your own North Korea.

can't you see that when you love people they love you back?

They don't need people with similar ideologies... they just need to start a massive deprogramming and re-education campaign.
How will you educate people successfully not to take advantage of unlimited 24 hour alcohol consumption?
Can you imagine victims of alcohol abuse being told of TVP, or victims of reckless joy riders being given unlimited access to sports cars.

You people forgot how to be humans
Will the state controlling VP guide me? Whats the punishment for forgetting twice?

you think competitiveness is normal, alcoholism is normal, greed is normal, selfishness is normal, that hate is normal... What's wrong with you???
Better to be zombiefied? Thoughtless? Without independence? - 1984.
Nothing wrong with self controlled drunkeness. David likes a few beers.
Greed is great when its achieved fairly.
Can't think why selfishness is anygood.
Hating someone who's about to knife you might help you defend against it.
Ive lost the plot, all i want is a few beers, to smile about the beautiful independent thoughts in my mind that don't encourage selfishness, that i can share with others, except for those who hate me and sing Kumbya me Lord looking over a burning fire in the woods. Oh and i'd like a marsh mellow too, yummy.

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