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Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
The flaws in their argument that TVP is full proof, if beer is free, how are they going to stop society getting out of hand if people have 24 hours a day to drink alcohol?
But I just told you twice; it's you who has a problem finding a solution to that problem, not the VP... what argument is not full proof?

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
Wanting and getting can be 2 totally different things.
Yes, getting requires actions; while wanting requires none. Would you act to prevent your community turning into a shithole if it was your collective responsibility, or would you sit down and have a beer?

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
Have you not witnessed the incredibly harm caused when humans drink alcohol, couple that with more time to drink, greater access, and its a molotov cocktail (no pun intended) waiting to explode.
I have no idea what you are talking about; most people here are given wine at lunch since they are kids, everyone has access to cheap alcohol (you can even buy it on every coffeeshop), 20% of the active population is unemployed, and I'm still to see the first alcholic in the 2 years I've been here.

Could it be that it's you who has a problem with alcohol; and you think that if everyone was like you civilization would crumble?... just asking...

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
This is the fundamental problem concerning TVP, you and TVP are not everyone. You cannot speak for them, you cannot organise their lives and you absolutely cannot expect them to do what you would like them to do.
However, if a VP society were of people who were similar in their ideological beliefs, better chance of success.
But can't you see that every single civilization and even every community has it's own rules that everyone follows without being impossed by force. I mean, we live in a fricking police state and you are worried about your neighbours in the VP telling you nicely what to do (for your own good).... can't you see your fears are ilogical (which is actually called a phobia).

Originally Posted by ob1kanobe0 View Post
And when they don't work for your wellbeing, will you still love them?
Again, for TVP to have any chance of success, it needs to consist of people with very similar ideological beliefs.
Why would you hate your neighbours if they don't work for you? Actually, why do you hate people? ... can't you see that when you love people they love you back?

They don't need people with similar ideologies... they just need to start a massive deprogramming and re-education campaign. You people forgot how to be humans: you think competitiveness is normal, alcoholism is normal, greed is normal, selfishness is normal, that hate is normal... What's wrong with you???

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