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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
Still have no idea what you are talking about; it's you who has a problem divising a solution to "beer" crumbling civilizations, not TVP.
What exactly can't TVP solve?
The flaws in their argument that TVP is full proof, if beer is free, how are they going to stop society getting out of hand if people have 24 hours a day to drink alcohol?

Then why would anyone in TVP
Wanting and getting can be 2 totally different things.

Yeah, since history shows that beer has collapsed soooo many civilizations before: what are the chances of TVP surviving alcohol.... don't be silly.
Have you not witnessed the incredibly harm caused when humans drink alcohol, couple that with more time to drink, greater access, and its a molotov cocktail (no pun intended) waiting to explode.

I don't need to work since years ago, and I still have better things to do than being drunk all day (even in this system).
This is the fundamental problem concerning TVP, you and TVP are not everyone. You cannot speak for them, you cannot organise their lives and you absolutely cannot expect them to do what you would like them to do.
However, if a VP society were of people who were similar in their ideological beliefs, better chance of success.

I repeat: once your neighbours work for your wellbeing and for the betterment of the community, there is no reason for you or anyone to feel threatened, afraid, hateful or envious of them... you would love them for making your live easier and better; like it happened from the dawn of time in every single community.
And when they don't work for your wellbeing, will you still love them?
Again, for TVP to have any chance of success, it needs to consist of people with very similar ideological beliefs.
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