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Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
I don’t think unisex loo’s will be very nice at all. I can just imagine the sheer din with groups of girls screaming and groups of boys screaming, and all the shagging that will go on in the cubicles. Just imagine the state of them. Spunk all over the walls and blood in the pan. It will be absolutely disgusting to the extent that the sane will have to wear cholostomy bags and catheter or just piss and shit on the floor where one is standing. The rat population incidentaly is on the increase.
When I was at university a few years ago I used to go into one of the cafes there for coffee. Certain men would come into said cafe to hook up with young women ( whether they were students or not I never found out) and then sneak into the women's toilets with them and get down to it in the cubicles! The manager was furious about it and she had to keep going down to the toilets ( in the basement) to send them packing.

I even heard two of them once in a cubicle and it was gross- I was just going up the stairs to report it and the manager was onto them and hurrying down the steps looking furious. This was when I found out what was going on as I hadn't encountered it before.

So, if it goes on already imagine what would be going on if they made toilets unisex!!! I'm more bothered by pervs than I am an unflushed toilet or peeing on the seat.

Toilets have always been kept segregated to protect women and children! And to afford them the privacy they need.

This goes against safeguarding of vulnerable children, women-- and babies! Women take babies to be changed in female public loos.
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