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Originally Posted by the tealady View Post
Back in the 70's there was a British movie about this. People were summoned to vote on everything and eventually it descended into chaos as people got sick of it, resented the intrusion into their day etc until the system reverted back. A great bit of programming to put people off IMO.
I think if people were involved at local level they would be more interested in things because they are issues that directly affect them

At the moment people don't feel politics delivers or that the politicians ever listen to them and that is a major turn off and why so many people disengage from it

If you look at the big referendums like brexit or the scottish independence vote they had massive turn outs and that is because people will involve themselves in things when they feel it actually makes a difference

otherwise they reason: 'what's the point' and they turn their back on it
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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