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Default Russian expedition across Antarctica


Text + Video:

Computer translation to English:

Today starts the first of its kind rally across Antarctica

Kirill Kleimenov: Today starts the first of its kind rally across Antarctica. Seven people are going to drive seven thousand kilometers without the possibility of restocking and refuel along the way. A unique material for a documentary film, which goes to Valdis Pelsh - an experienced leader-extreme, the author of the film about the conquerors of Everest. Now - Antarctica, but first studio program "Time". Valdis, hello.

Valdis Pelsh: Good evening.

Kirill Kleimenov: Well, how will it be? From where, where and on what you will go?

Valdis Pelsh: It will be diverse. We will leave the Novo-Lazarevskaya station at the Pole of Inaccessibility, and there will be several unpleasant moments, because there will be zones from which the rescuers will not pull us out, they will simply not reach there. Then everything becomes easier, we go to the geographic pole. Then - the Pole of Cold, there will be warm. Somewhere no more than minus 35, then - station Vostok, the famous Underground Lake, and then straight ahead to Progress and that's it. And we did what we planned.

Kirill Kleimenov: How much time for everything, about everything.

Valdis Pelsh: I would like a month, but hopefully not more than fifty days.

Kirill Kleimenov: Well, I correctly understand that no one ever did anything like that.

Valdis Pelsh: No

Kirill Kleimenov: I do not believe that you are not afraid. What are you most afraid of?

Valdis Pelsh: Afraid. We are afraid of everything. We are afraid, first of all, that there may be interruptions in communication, and we would like to inform and tell viewers directly online. We are afraid of the weather, we are afraid of breakdowns, well, we have half a ton of spare parts, so I hope we can handle it. We are afraid of psychological conflict inside, because we are driving in two cars, 50 days, which is called, elbow to elbow. And, in fact, probably, we are not afraid of anything, because we are going.

Kirill Kleimenov: Listen, well, it looks like a flight into space, right?

Valdis Pelsh: We compare ourselves with the discoverers of America. Because these are huge spaces, but this is not space, this is Earth. This is our land, and part of the way, we will be there first. Indeed, there has not yet been a person’s foot or wheel.

Kirill Kleimenov: Well, then answer the last question: why do you need all this?

Valdis Pelsh: Firstly, it is very interesting. It's really. Secondly, to go at the expense of the company to Antarctica, moreover, across the whole of Antarctica - they do not refuse such a chance. Well, and most importantly, you can not make a film about this continent, if you have not really felt all the charms of this vast expanses, and these frosts, and this height. Therefore, the eyes are afraid - the cameras chirp.

Kirill Kleimenov: Well, well, it remains only to wish good luck to you and all members of the expedition. Happily.

Valdis Pelsh: Thank you very much! See you later.

“We will start in a few hours, we have to load into the trailers, what we carry with us, including fuel - because we will not be refueling anywhere.

Most of all we worry about the first 500 kilometers, because the cars are loaded to the eyeballs. And we will need to climb the ice shell of Antarctica, it is more than 2000 meters and there we can meet ice cracks covered with snow, but we are prepared for this.

We plan to regularly tell you about what Antarctica is, about the history of human presence here, about how we drive, what we drive and most importantly, how we survive on this stunningly beautiful, but so cold and deserted continent. Wish us good luck and see you first, ”said Valdis Pelsh.

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