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When I was a child I used to spend hours at the library and get adult reading books out on my mum's card lol (I bet we all did this)
While she was shopping I'd pick one child book and about 10 adult ones which she checked through first and she'd put them through for me.
The only books she refused to let me get out were on witchcraft but I was fascinated about Uri Geller and the pyramids and that's how it started for me.
Always had the feeling that when I was grown up my parents would let me in on the 'secret' but I was disappointed that they didn't have any answers.
The unexplained, the unknown, UFO's - it brings us all to this forum eventually lol.

So I didn't get a sudden awakening by the time I was reading David Icke's books I was aware something wasn't quite right in this world and when he was being ridiculed I'm sure lots of us thought 'well the last time the son of God came here we ridiculed and killed him so maybe we should at least listen to what this guy has to say' and I thought all the interviewers were rude so when the books came out I was obviously going to be interested and read them.

Anyone else just grow up with all this stuff gradually ? Or did you mostly just get interested as adults? I didn't find anyone interested in this stuff until I came on here so it was a relief to know that I wasn't the only one looking for answers to the feeling that we are being lied to and wanting to know why.
In the 80's people ridiculed this genre of conspiracy theory but today it's not laughed at but you still might get the 'roll eyes'.

I have met one person in real life that is into conspiracy theories - I don't know who they are but they said they were on here so I can't give any details - but they were crazy - as in mentally ill - which made me panic that maybe everyone else on here is also crazy including me
that's something I'm still wondering about. Has anyone met up on here and realised that everyone else is a loony tune and suddenly wondered if we are crazy after all? lol

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