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Originally Posted by OmChi View Post
It was just over 4 years ago when I started watching YouTube videos and reading online articles about David Icke and the information he was presenting the world with. I recall saying to myself "I remember hearing this guy talking about reptilians years ago" - It was just a faint memory of an interview he did with a native African(?), I'm not sure.

I was going through a rough patch in a relationship and at work, so I spent all my free time buried in my computer - the safe zone. I started bingeing David Icke videos, it was fascinating, but also very disturbing. I'd been brought up on the internet, so I'd seen and heard my fair share of what humans are capable of. However, the things that David was discussing were on another level of depravity. I was really struggling to come to terms with how something so sinister could be operating on a global scale. Perhaps I was too gullible, maybe it was my own fault for always seeing the best in people.

I watched more videos and read more articles. Not just David's vids, any and all vids connected with the topics. It was official - I'd been red-pilled, and I absolutely wasn't prepared for it.

My world was shattered.

I started distancing myself from others, especially my girlfriend who was the only person I ever trusted. I was in a different frame of mind, I didn't even know who I was anymore. I started talking about the world differently, as though it didn't mean anything. Questioning how and why there was so much evil.

She left me. We both knew it was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. We'd been together almost 10 years and was the only person I'd ever had feelings for. I remember the first day and night I spent alone. I'm almost certain that was the day I officially snapped and lost my grip on what everyone calls 'reality.'

I don't want to go too deeply into my mental state as it is right now, but there have been moments I sincerely believe that what I learned over the years has caused me to become psychotic.
Not the ranting and raving guns blazing psychotic, I mean mentally I've become unstable and not what society would categorize as normal. I believe I've lost my self-identity.

These have been the consequences for me coming to terms with the information.

I'd like to know if anyone has gone through anything similar.

Thanks for reading.

TL;DR - Got red-pilled, lost my self-identity, pretty sure I developed psychosis.
Sure! I think we've all been there. I remember just after reading "The Biggest Secret" for the first time and coming to terms with just parts of it let alone the bigger picture, even if only a small percentage was on track is still a large digestion of new material for anyone. I know many seasoned researchers that were taken aback by the revelations of David but it helps to deal with it by shutting off the emotion best as possible.

One of the key factors to consider here is what is truth and what is provable. As it stands now with the DNA genome projects ongoing in various areas of the world now we get a pretty good picture of what has taken place with Homo Sapiens Sapiens. This video here that is quite short but very very good depicts a lot of about humans with the Howler monkeys at about 2:30 into the video.

This same scenario is just exactly that which created the circumstances for Genghis Khan (Gray Eyes) who was a Caucasian/Oriental hybrid based on current studies. In other words his father was a fair skinned ruddy complexioned northern European man.

Keeping this in mind it becomes apparent that currently on earth there are at least three levels of human existing or rather, co-existing in a invisible class system that is not so invisible when you stop to think about it.

The one group is the largest and contains the masses of Homo Sapiens Sapiens with RH positive blood type. These are mostly the darker skinned peoples.

The second group is the smallest and is contained of pure bloods as they refer to themselves or also, "Blue Bloods" which is or are those that are RH negative blood type only. This pure line is where there is no RH positive in the families, not even hidden. They produce RH negative and themselves are RH negative blood type. This group also has a different skull morphology than the first group, and it is sometimes referred to as a bun or remnant cone on some of the purer of these lines.

The third group is a group composed of the hybrids. That is to say, those that are related to both groups by intermarriage. This group can be RH negative or RH positive and can even exhibit skull differences and/or red hair and blue or green eyes but contains RH positive or as it actually usually occurs now a days they can be what is termed someone who themselves are RH positive but are also RH negative recessive, meaning one or more of their children can be of one or the other blood type. This group also contains royals from darker skinned tribes where 'family' was established to aid in world rule by the first and smallest group.

The first group is largely unaware of the second group these days. Amnesia set in at some point in the past in a massive cataclysm. In days past it was enforced by the ruling class after this cataclysm to remove the memory of the long skull peoples from the minds of the masses, to destroy the pictures or statues of them, and outlaw depicting them as they really appeared or to mimic them with deformation techniques which were frowned upon at some point in history. They do this because they do not wish the masses to become aware that other sub species of human exist around them and frown upon the other lesser. They do this to hide the fact that like the Lion which everyone knows exists, the tiger also exists and now and again they can produce viable offspring, (see video) and this is what I refer to in human. Like with the fact there is a lion and a tiger there are also humans and other humans side by side and their offspring.

Note that in this recent find we can see just what I mean by defacing of the knowledge of the 'cone heads' as this one group grew to great heights before the great deluge.

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