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Originally Posted by unsheepled View Post
Apprentice are you old enough to remember the sectioning of the land in this country (your story reminds me of those times )....Maybe not it was in medievalists times ;-)
Not if you mean the consolidation of land or the enclosure movements, but there has been many such gatherings over the last hundred years.
The greatest was during the first austerity or recession in the 70's where many smaller farms were bought up by the landed gentry and all the hedges were ripped out and made into the large mono triangles.

The story is very real and portrays how we can all have a patch of land to use for much of our needs locally. One farmer not many miles away from me has a few 100 acre fields and instead of letting them lay fallow or set aside he rents them out to the locals as lots and makes far more money that way than he would growing monocrops.

We could in a very short term regain our composure if the land owners stopped chasing the dragon money.
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