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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
Yesterday I was working in the garden and a voice from the gate piped up, good morning, as I looked up it was an old couple who often walk their dog along by the river here. As we chatted about the vagouries of the weather and the price of whiskey the conversation soon turned to money and the scheme of things.
The old lady then mentioned there was a lot of forged pound coins on the market and new five pound notes; so I told her they were not really false, but just little pieces of paper that you exchange for your labour.
Then she suddenly changes the conversation and said, are you the gentleman who gave us a turnip last year, yes I said and would you like some leeks, as we still have a hundred or so which need picking and using before they go to seed. She accepted the offer and said she would pick them up on their way back.
On her way back I walked over to the allotment gate and handed her the leeks and said to her, where would we be without money, she promptly replied not very far. I said as we parted company, all we really need is each other to help ourselves, and no money changed hands only leeks.
Apprentice are you old enough to remember the sectioning of the land in this country (your story reminds me of those times )....Maybe not it was in medievalists times ;-)
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