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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
I think the whole world is going through that process

I know that doesn't really help the individual to know that but what will help is having others around you going through the same process as what is so difficult about the awakening is not being able to talk things through with those around you

My awakening has gone through stages eg religious, political, economic, magic etc so its been a rolling process over my life but things don't start to get really fucked up until you get into the occult side of things and that's where you start looking into freemasons, templars, qabalah, entities and so on

The deeper you go the more you realise that all of these things are connected: the secret societies, the banking, the pedophilia etc. It's a lot to process and not everyone around you will be amenable to hearing about what you've discovered as everyone is processing this at different speeds

My life fell apart but in a way that has to happen and keep happening so that I can move closer to aligning my outer life with my inner life; if we learn something that then creates an ethical dilemma for us we can either try and ignore that inner voice telling us it is wrong or we can make the changes in our lives to then do what we feel is right

That is a process that affects EVERY area of life and as we do that we begin to realise how totally compromised we have been as individuals and as a society. This is because the vision of the people who are shaping society is an unhealthy one and there is no area of life left untouched by their influence

When you are living in one of those dilemmas the tension between what you are doing and what you know you should be doing is cognitive dissonance. Someone once explained it to me as being like the computer 'HAL' in the film 'space odessy 2001'. The computer is given its core programming which is that it must not harm humans however during the space mission the computer is sent new instructions from mission control that tell it to change the ships course. The computer knows that such an act will harm its crew and this creates a conflict between its new mission and its core programming. This tension creates cognitive dissonance which destabilises the computer so that it becomes paranoid and suspicious and hostile to those around it.

The same process is at work in society. Bill Hicks used to say that we had a voice of reason in our heads which often clashed with what the news was telling us on the TV and that the more the talking heads on the TV lied to us the more we would reject their version of reality because it did not affirm our own voice of reason

This again is that same process at work. So when you learn new things for example about the harmful nature of vaccines but everyone around you is taking them and pressuring you to take them you are then caught between the desire to move away from what the herd is doing and a desire to go with the flow of the herd in order to remain part of it

to break from the herd requires huge strength because it means you will become isolated and in order to survive in isolation you need to derive your own sense of self worth. Many people are too emotionally dependent on the herd to break free from it and cannot function in isolation from it. This means that we must change the direction of the herd!

This is why i spend time online sharing information with people in order to change the direction of the herd because i know that most people will follow it so in order to change the direction of society you must create a new idea of what is normal within the minds of the herd

if the herd think vaccines are harmless then they'll all keep taking them whereas if the herd become suspicious of vaccines then we can then start having an open and honest discussion about the efficiacy of vaccines and also about what is in them and what impact those ingrediants have on people; only once it becomes acceptable to question that sacred cow (in this case vaccines) is it possible to dig down to find the truth about them

In short to restore personal health you need to use what you've learned to guide your decisions about how you engage with reality and how you live your life and make changes accordingly. The more people who do the same the more it becomes the norm and the easier it gets for everyone. To speed up that process we can play our part in sharing information with others
Yesterday I was working in the garden and a voice from the gate piped up, good morning, as I looked up it was an old couple who often walk their dog along by the river here. As we chatted about the vagouries of the weather and the price of whiskey the conversation soon turned to money and the scheme of things.
The old lady then mentioned there was a lot of forged pound coins on the market and new five pound notes; so I told her they were not really false, but just little pieces of paper that you exchange for your labour.
Then she suddenly changes the conversation and said, are you the gentleman who gave us a turnip last year, yes I said and would you like some leeks, as we still have a hundred or so which need picking and using before they go to seed. She accepted the offer and said she would pick them up on their way back.
On her way back I walked over to the allotment gate and handed her the leeks and said to her, where would we be without money, she promptly replied not very far. I said as we parted company, all we really need is each other to help ourselves, and no money changed hands only leeks.


In the film A Space Odyssey written by a high mason himself, he is telling us how the lesser student has sometimes to kill the master but not the real master behind the scene or screen or curtain.

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