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Things are moving fast at the moment, but there are a couple of things that have caught my eye and somehow they don't quite ring true:

Firstly the Leon Brittan teen rape story from 1967.


Leon Brittan is into young boys for starters! Is this them doing a Lord McAlpine here? Leon falsely accused of female teen rape and so everything else he is accused of is false and untrue too, just like McAlpine was falsely accused

Next up, the Rolf Harris 1970's story of the plumber finding his kiddie porn stash under the floor boards just comes across as a steaming crock of shite!

The plumber allegedly went to the police in 2012 did he? Funny that as the Rolf Harris cat burglar finding his kiddie porn stash (not under the floorboards) at hand so he could have a flick through whenever he got the urge; was posted to this thread at around that time.

The Mirror are reading this thread!

and the disinformation stories are beginning to appear!

Stay vigilant!

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