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Originally Posted by zeta39reticuli View Post
For one, you could very well be taking this way too literally. When they say "knowledge is passed down by the gods", it's more of a metaphorical sense.
Pure conjecture on your part, and not that convincing giving that the texts are mostly conveying a historical 'matter of fact' style of writing.

They might not mean literally a God came down and give them a book on astronomy to teach them how to grow crops by the stars
Take the Book of Enoch for example. It says literally the Nephilim/Watchers (RE:Reptilians) came down and taught the high sciences (astrology, black magic, atomic warfare, agriculture) and civilization to mankind. Enoch was said to have walked with the 'gods' RE: ID's/ET's and to have traveled to the 'heavens' on several occasions. Anyway you look at this, this sounds like a genuine UFO abduction scenario, one of only a handful spoken of in biblical texts and in ancient accounts in general.

This book written by Enoch (known as Saurid the architect of the pyramids according to Arab historians) even goes into great detail as to give the names and occupations of these inter-dimensional, extra-terrestial beings. In fact the whole book is one large collection of historical and scientifical data. No wonder the Church decided to omit it from the canonical texts and relegate it's existence to the dust bins of history, Enochs book spoke to much truth!

It could very well mean they were blessed with the knowledge, or thankful that the Gods put them on that path.
Possibly. But it should be noted that these so called 'gods' were not always spoken of in good terms. In fact they were mostly feared and reviled, and looked upon as tyranical overlords.

That's the thing with ancient texts, it's very cryptic, and told in a completely different manner than we're used to today.

Not really (with the exception of the OT and the NT which aren't as clear cut). Most of these ancient accounts are fairly straight forward and concise in both description and terminology, and quite easy to understand in regards to what they were originally trying to convey.
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