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Originally Posted by lyricusmagna View Post
Where do you think the symbolism originated?

People (around the globe) in those times supposedly 'invented' medicine, alchemy/chemistry, astrology, astronomy, agriculture etc., yet they all attributed the origin of those domains of knowing to the teachings from 'The Gods'? Some of which were 'reptile-like'?

Give thanks to the wonderful teachings to imaginary deities? Symbolical representations, of what again?

And why?

Am I the only one who finds these arguments utterly ridiculous?

This is where the absurdity of such claims as yours, and those with a similar mindset comes in play.

You, as a human being that spent some time on this planet, should have realized by now that we humans label things we don't know, through things we do know, or are familiar with. As symbolical labels to these things that are unknown to us.

What in the world makes you think that these 'Reptoids' are actually earth-like, reptilian species on two legs? Or that they are labeled as such, exactly because people think they are that way?

We are talking about an extraterrestrial species here. Reptilian species on Earth are at the very least carbon-based. More scientifically/analytical information concerning this subject gives a strong emphasis that these alien species are not carbon-based as we are. Most of the information points to them being hydrogen-based. All, breathe either ammonia, methane, or pure nitrogen. Most also seem to exhibit such odors as well too. Is that something akin to Earth reptiles?

The sole reason many people nicknamed them 'Reptoids', is because of their nature, behavior, and a few physical characteristics that people interpret as being "reptile-like". Yes, its symbolical designation given to a pretty real extraterrestrial species.

Same applies to the insect-like "Gods, and the feline-like "Gods".

Say, humans discover alien life on some of the future expeditions in nearby star systems. What do you think they are going to nickname the species as? Something already existing in human language, and already seen. Something that the said alien species looks/behaves like.

Even from a scientific basis, humans are going to give it a name describing a similar life form found on Earth (most likely). Let's say, Insolitum Fungor, for a life form looking/behaving similar to Earth fungi etc.

The Hollow Earth theory is taken too literally. It has huge hollow pockets and cave systems, that grow in size as you approach the core. There is evidence of this. Not proof, but evidence nonetheless.

Also, given the progenitors of the 'Reptoid' races are supposedly from Thuban, which is an A-class star, two classes more hot and more luminous then our own sun, and almost twice as hot as our sun too. I wouldn't be surprised that the 'Reptoids' would seek a place to live deep underground, where the temperature is really hot, in order to feel "at home". We are talking about an extraterrestrial species, right?

They are not all 'bad' actually. Given their record with human encounters that is.

It seems that it depends from which place they come from. There seem to be 'Reptoid' ETs that are neutral to benevolent with their behavior/actions with humans here, that are either from Sirius, Capella, Eta Arietis or 70 Ophiuchi.
For one, you could very well be taking this way too literally. When they say "knowledge is passed down by the gods", it's more of a metaphorical sense. They might not mean literally a God came down and give them a book on astronomy to teach them how to grow crops by the stars.

It could very well mean they were blessed with the knowledge, or thankful that the Gods put them on that path.

That's the thing with ancient texts, it's very cryptic, and told in a completely different manner than we're used to today.
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