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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
I've no idea why people keep placing Liverpool and spurs above united when neither of them have ever been able to win a premier league where 3 points for a win!
They have both won leagues where tactical draws can clench the title, but in a league where you must win consistently, they are behind Blackburn and Leicester who both have more premier league titles than them.

So if form means anything, both spurs and Liverpool will be also rans until they up their game.
We shall see if mourino still has it, as he is the master of winning the premier league out of the managers.
Liverpool and Spurs play better football than Utd, and if Liverpool didn't have the Champions League last season they would have finished above Utd.

Yep, Liverpool and Spurs haven't won the Premier League, Liverpool have finished 2nd a few times but can't quite get over the line, Spurs have also finished 2nd. Liverpool have won the league 18 times though, but some people think football was only invented in 1992.

Mourinho seems to be in decline as a manager. Real Madrid kicked him out, the players all hated him. Same at Chelsea. You can see it bubbling away at Utd. Ibrahimavic walked out, Lukaku isn't happy, Pogba isn't happy, Luke Shaw is fat and not happy as well.

I bet Ronaldo would have gone back to Utd if Mourinho wasnt there.

The Chelsea owner is a political thing for sure. I think he will sell up pretty soon.
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