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Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
I think Spurs will up their game this season in order to keep Harry Kane at the club. Whether that will be long term I don't know, but he is their star man and they need to keep him happy. One of the Spurs defenders is linked with Utd but I can't remember which one off hand. Pochetino turned down Real Madrid, which normally doesn't happen, so I think he has a plan for Spurs.

Liverpool, my team, need a keeper. Karius isn't good enough, Mignolet isn't good enough, and Danny Ward is only seen as a number 2. The defence is nearly there but I don't think Lovren is as good as he thinks he is.

Arsenal have a lot of work to do, their new manager Unai Emery has to sort out the mess Wenger has left the team in, too many average and underperforming players and a goalkeeper that needs binning off. And an owner that won't spend the money despite all the promises that were made before moving to the new stadium.

Chelsea are falling apart and it looks like Hazard and Courtios are leaving to go to Real Madrid. Another year, another manager. It's like a revolving door. Player power rules there and I wonder how long the new manager will last. Roman doesn't seem to want to flash the cash as much as he used to.

Pogba hasn't done much at Utd since joining, IMO. Maybe he will be sold in the summer. He's been a lot better player at the world cup, if he can bring that form back to Utd it will benefit them, but if not he will just be the overated player with the daft haircuts and the silly emojis.
Do you blame Roman?
The money he has invested in London and the premier league, yet the govt refused him a visa!!
He had to become an Israeli citizen to get his English visa renewed..
The amount of anti Russian propaganda in all walks of Britain is frightening if we consider the ramifications
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