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Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
So, following on the from the World Cup Thread here is the Premier League 2018/2019 thread.

I know the league only kicks off in August but it makes sense to start it now as the world cup is over.

To get the ball rolling, who does everyone think will win it, top 4, and the relegation fodder?

I am going to say Man City will will it this season again, with Liverpool coming a very close 2nd, Spurs 3rd and Man Utd 4th. Unless there is a lot of transfer activity anyway.

The relegation candidates I think will be Cardiff, Huddersfield and Southampton.
Why would spurs be 3rd?
What makes you think Pochetino will finish higher this season than last?
I think they will lose players this window.
Levy is no mug, he knows he has real value in this team and 3 trophy less season is seeing his investment peak whilst another poorer season will see the value start depreciating.. so I think he will start cashing in this window.

City will be the team to stop again, and the transfers associated with city indicate he wants even more this season from his team.

Liverpool look very good too and are looking to sort their defence out this window.

I'm hoping we can chase city down properly this season, but with no Paul Pogba I think that will be a bridge too far.. we must keep pogba and get him playing advanced midfield, the though balls he has shown capability of for France needs to be utilised this season if united are serious about challenging
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