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To blame white people as a collective for slavery is a stupid and ignorant thing to do. To do so would really just be a lack of education on the subject. However what is equally as ignorant and disingenuous is the objective of this OP as other similar posts to this. This false narrative of there being as many black slave owners is historical revisionism aimed at specific agendas of trying to trivialize the suffering blacks have withstood in the New World.

We have seen all sorts of books and articles of white slavery etc., however despite all the spin of facts, it remains that most whites who were servants in the Americas chose to be in their position, and were not captured or treated anywhere near as harshly. You really have to question the motives of guys like Hoffman Jr. when he seems to be more angry at black people than the British who "enslaved" Irish people. Many of these so called slaves were in fact criminals (now whether or not they deserved to be arrested is another topic entirely) The whole objective again is to downplay black suffering, and not to educate about white people who also suffered, though not nearly to the same extent.

Regarding reparations, yes the descendants of black slaves deserve reparations. If a woman can get millions of dollars for burning her mouth on McDonnalds coffee, then descendants of slaves deserve to be paid for the atrocities suffered by their ancestors which have dire consequences to the present day. This money shouldn't come from tax payers however, it should come from the private corporations and banks who profited from the slave trade. Lehman Brothters who was bought out by Goldman Sachs was started by 2 Jewish brothers who made money from the cotton trade which used black slave labour. The irony is that the Jews get reparations for exaggerated or non existant atrocities from WW2, yet they are silent when it comes to this topic.
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