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what a load of tosh... In 1861 there were 3 million African Americans in the Southern States, most of whom were slaves. 3000 free African-Americans in New Orleans (the biggest city in the South, the only metropolitan city, the french creole city) that owned slaves (if it is true...) would be what..? max 12000 slaves... That still leaves 3 million... Also, New Orleans surrendered to the Union and General Butler without a fight or a siege. Those African-Americans in New Orleans didn't lift a finger to save their slaveholding'right'. Of 3 million African-Americans in the South, half a million were combatready males (in accordance with CS conscription laws, disregarding race) - only a couple of hundred of them served in the Confederate armies...

Wade Hampton III - the South Carolinan slaveholder and namesake to the Hampton's Legion of 1st Manassas fame owned A HUNDRED THOUSAND black slaves on his private plantation.

The OP is just revisionist bullshit...

edit: also, in the USA, there were never a 'peculiar institution' of white slavery... Sure the Irish might have been subjected to financial slavery by loansharks and creditors and suffered in sweatshops for nothing but lodging and scarce foods, but they were, in theory at least, allways free to leave, move, settle somewhere else, emmigrate, hit the road, skip town, tuck tail...

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