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Originally Posted by uforia View Post
-the pleasure of sex is fake(minipulated), just like money is fake power.

-sex is to be ignored, it is not a topic of the mind spirit.

-we are to heal and be healed from evil, we are not to become coppies of our parents. respect and love parents but examine and analyze every practice and belief.

-the desire of the soul is beauty and truth, without that one have no soul no pwoer, no matter how much sex, money one have.

-sex is one of the majer weapons the devil uses to keep humanity in bondage, he does not want us to be free and thinking, because then we expose the lie(the illusion) and break out of his matrix to be absorbed by the truth which ultimatly leas us to eternal paradise.
But then how are we supposed to have children? Clone ourselves?

Sex is to be ignored?! You owe sex your life.. you wouldn't exist without sex.

God created humans, and the human body is designed to have sex.. if we're
not meant to have sex, we wouldn't have reproductive organs. I do not see
how you could possibly think humanity should stop having sex, we would be
extinct as a species within a century.

Sex between a loving couple is an amazing expression of Universal love. The
amount of Light that is anchored onto the planet by sex in this way is truly
massive. Spiritually, this means everytime you have sex with someone you
love, you allow healing energies to enter the entire planet and affect all of

Sex out of love is one of the most amazing things in the Universe.. it is an
expression of Creation itself. It's truly majestic and amazing in ways most
people will never understand.. but they can feel it. The feeling we get in
this act is not just physical, it is a rush of massive spiritual energies that
blast out into the world, and if anchored in love it helps the entire planet
be free of hatred and darkness.

Sex as the highest physical manifestation of love, is the cornerstone of
Creation and Light. There's a reason the ruling elite try to condition us to
feel ashamed and guilty about it.

For the darkness, sex is just about lust and procreation, but for the Light
it is so much more, like I said, an expression of Light and Creation itself.
It is the ultimate act to create new life.. the Universe is built on sex, it
would not exist without sex.

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