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Arrow Enki and the World Order

Engraving of Dagon, the fish-god..
The main temple to Enki is called E-abzu, meaning "abzu temple" (E-en-gur-a, meaning "house of the subterranean waters"), a ziggurat temple surrounded by Euphratean marshlands near the ancient Persian Gulf coastline at Eridu..He was the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization.. His image is a double-helix snake, or the Caduceus, sometimes confused with the Rod of Asclepius used to symbolize medicine.. He is often shown with the horned crown of divinity dressed in the skin of a carp..The cypriniformes (family Cyprinidae) are traditionally grouped with the Characiformes, Siluriformes, and Gymnotiformes to create the superorder Ostariophysi, since these groups share some common features..Considered the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic, Enki was characterized as the lord of the Abzu (Apsu in Akkadian), the freshwater sea or groundwater located within the earth..In the later Babylonian epic EnĂ»ma Eliš, Abzu, the "begetter of the gods", is inert and sleepy but finds his peace disturbed by the younger gods, so sets out to destroy them..The third anterior-most pair of ribs is in contact with the extension of the labyrinth and the posterior with the swim bladder..This structure is presumed to take part in the transmission of vibrations from the swim bladder to the labyrinth and in the perception of sound, which would explain why the Ostariophysi have such a great capacity for hearing..Enki subsequently sets up his home "in the depths of the Abzu"..Enki thus takes on all of the functions of the Abzu, including his fertilising powers as lord of the waters and lord of semen..Early royal inscriptions from the third millennium BCE mention "the reeds of Enki"..Reeds were an important local building material, used for baskets and containers, and collected outside the city walls, where the dead or sick were often carried..His symbols included a goat and a fish, which later combined into a single beast, the goat Capricorn, recognised as the Zodiacal constellation Capricornus..He was accompanied by an attendant Isimud. He was also associated with the planet Mercury in the Sumerian astrological system..Isimud is readily identifiable by his possessing two faces looking in opposite directions..In Ugaritic, the root dgn also means grain: in Hebrew דגן dāgān, Samaritan dīgan, is an archaic word for grain..

Alien: Resurrection - Swimming Aliens ..

Despite its faintness, Capricornus has one of the oldest mythological associations, having been consistently represented as a hybrid of a goat and a fish since the Middle Bronze Age..In depictions on a cylinder-seal from around the 21st century BC, it was explicitly recorded in the Babylonian star catalogues as MULSUḪUR.MAŠ "The Goat-Fish" before 1000 BC.. The constellation was a symbol of the god Ea and in the Early Bronze Age marked the winter solstice..In Greek mythology, the constellation is sometimes identified as Amalthea, the goat that suckled the infant Zeus after his mother, Rhea, saved him from being devoured by his father, Cronos.. The goat's broken horn was transformed into the cornucopia or horn of plenty..Capricornus is also sometimes identified as Pan, the god with a goat's head, who saved himself from the monster Typhon by giving himself a fish's tail and diving into a river..The planet Neptune was discovered in Capricornus by German astronomer Johann Galle, near Deneb Algedi (δ Capricorni) on September 23, 1846, which is appropriate as Capricornus can be seen best from Europe at 4:00am in September..Capricornus's brighter stars are found on a triangle whose vertices are α2 Capricorni (Giedi), δ Capricorni (Deneb Algiedi), and ω Capricorni..Capricorn One—the first manned mission to Mars—is on the launch pad..The bewildered crew are removed from Capricorn One and flown to an abandoned desert base..

Some accounts suggest that the oldest known imagery of the caduceus have their roots in a Mesopotamian origin with the Sumerian god Ningishzida whose symbol, a staff with two snakes intertwined around it, dates back to 4000 B.C. to 3000 B.C..By extension of its association with Mercury and Hermes, the caduceus is also a recognized symbol of commerce and negotiation, two realms in which balanced exchange and reciprocity are recognized as ideals..In Roman iconography, it was often depicted being carried in the left hand of Mercury..The mes were originally collected by Enlil and then handed over to the guardianship of Enki who was to broker them out to the various Sumerian centers beginning with his own city of Eridu and continuing with Ur, Meluhha, and Dilmun.. This is described in the poem, "Enki and the World Order" which also details how he parcels out responsibility for various crafts and natural phenomena to the lesser gods..After a considerable amount of self-glorification on the part of Enki, his daughter Inanna comes before him with a complaint that she has been given short shrift on her divine spheres of influence..Reed is used in many areas for thatching roofs..Additionally, the reeds are used as nesting tubes by individuals keeping solitary bees such as mason bees..In Egypt, the longer stems are dried and used as fishing poles.. It is also used there for fences and cattle pens..In Australian Aboriginal cultures, reeds were used to make weapons like spears for hunting game..The astronauts remain in captivity during the flight and are filmed landing on Mars within a studio located at the base..Maize, also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mexico about 10,000 Years ago... we hoped to achieve was to meet our makers..To get answers..Why they even made us in the first place..You're a thing, a construct..How far would you go to get your answers?..

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