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Sorry - my mistake, the above micron rating/ filtering capability for the particle filters recommended at start is 200 micron = 0.2mm, and not 4

Now, some might say, "Oh, but I want 1 micron filtering!"
Well that might be a good point to make if you are going to drink contaminated/ public supply water, but you are not going to with this system. You will be using natural distilled water.
In addition to the particle filters, you have two activated carbon filters, one streaming and one sump filter, and the same with maifan filters, then you have separate sump / gravity filtering on each tank you are using. Shungite filtering and eventually additional C60 filtering will also be permanently in place in each tank. The bacteria nursery of ceramic bio rings at the bottom of the tanks will ensure nothing untoward remains suspended in the water. Although perfectly clear potable water will be available from the start, the quality will increase week by week until the bacteria is mature, when crystal clear sparkling water is the norm.

Bearing in mind the shungite and maifan will infuse beneficial minerals into the distilled water, your water ph should be between 7 and 7.5 on sampling, so will assist swift recovery from any acidic foods or drinks you have consumed without any additives being used in the filter boxes.
Naturally, you are free to decide what level and type of filtration or additives you may need for your own use.

If you wish to have only pefectly pure distilled water, for instance, to give excellent detox results -
(Mineralised water will infuse minerals into the body whilst giving natural groundwater detox effect -i.e. removal of toxins
Distilled water will give maximum natural rainwater effect with removal of toxins, whilst giving little benefit from minerals)

Bear in mind, it is advised that use of distilled water only should be limited to a period of no more than two to five years.

If the distilled water with maximum detox effect is your wish, then leave out the maifan and shungite, and this should give you pure "empty" water for maximum removal of toxins. Keep everything else in place, with just the AC filtration. Maifan and shungite may be added at a later date, if required.

Personally, I prefer the balance with the mineralised water - It tastes better too!.

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