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Details of studies carried out on activated carbon filtration systems for drinking water.
These mainly deal however with contaminated water from a public source, but nevertheless are relevant to freshwater filtration where any possible contamination of rainwater may have occurred.
It is always preferable to have a system that can be trusted to supply safe drinking water that is able to cope with most eventualities.

Drinking Water Treatment:
Activated Carbon Filtration


Activated Carbon Treatment of Drinking Water

It should also be noted that AC filters that have become near to full capacity will start leaching contaminants into fresh water, so must be changed regularly. As stated at top of page, the AC filter system I have recommended there should last for around five years under normal circumstances, before filter change is necessary (providing effective pre-filtration of particles and sediment has been in place at all times). Replacement of the activated carbon will possibly cost around £20 or so. The ceramic bio rings present in the filter can be replaced for much less cost, but replacement is not necessary as they will last a lifetime and will be more effective where bacteria is kept wet until replacing in the filter box. Only clean them if they are dirty - good bacteria will also present as a black growth. If they carry small amounts of green algae they are also healthy - so you may re-use them.

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