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Estimated Cost of the top of the page full system with both AC and Maifan dual filters using two x 225 litre tanks up and running is around between £230 and £270+ or so for the cheapest method of plumbing,(flexible tubing) plus the cost of Shungite if used. Obviously better plumbing systems will require more expenditure. Speedfit HDPE is expensive, but offers the chance to service a particular pipe and replace in a few seconds without tools.
However I would recommend perhaps the flexible tubing MDPE pushfit option for a new system, as it can then be easily modified to suit as required, and stay away from more expensive plumbing systems until you are satisfied with the layout, heights and gradients, etc. used. Though when using flexible pipe it will require support. PE-X pipe is also ideal for most situations.
Breeze blocks laid flat with timber layer on top can take all the weight to whatever height you require for supporting the tanks
I would also suggest plumbing around 1" diameter bore would be most adequate, and allow lots of space for self-bleeding of any trapped air.


New 1520 litre / 330 gallon Water Tank
(These are brand new, very light, and can be handled by one person when empty, but £100 delivery charge levied)

25mm MDPE Water Pipe (Medium density Polyethylene)

MDPE Fittings 25mm

MDPE pipe | Join MDPE pipe

Test your Water

Test ph Only

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