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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
Don't get exited. It's not confirmed yet. You'll remember we've been here before. Nevertheless, but an interesting possibility.

Doesn't seem to fit the required attributes of Nibiru/Planet-X, so beloved of the alternative media.

It will be interesting - if a reality - what its orbit turns out to be. But I want to know if there's the chance that its orbit is so elongated that the perihelion brings it to the inner solar system? Even if it does, the extremely extended orbital period in the very furthest and coldest reaches of the solar system rather rules out life - as we know it!

(Yes, I dare say NASA knows all this stuff already - or not!)

You say 'alternative media'

This was reported on 'mainstream'

Personally i think its all distraction, but i confess this stuff fascinates me.

I believe there is worlds out there with people like you and me!!!!

just not as thick as me lol..

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